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Natural Hazards Center at the
University of Colorado at Boulder

National Weather Service Hazards Statistics

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Fema National Emergency Training Center

ESRI/Fema Hazard Awareness Site

Association of State Floodplain Managers

Institute of Business and Home Safety

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

National Fire Protection Association

U.D. Geological Survey

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Association of Contingency Planners

National Association of Emergency Managers

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Research Topics (PDF)

Summer 2004 Workshop photos in Peaceful Valley
Pictures from this summer's workshop (15 pictures)

Current Fellow Wins Award
Enabing Fellow Sam Brody has recently been awarded an NSF Career
Award to examine the relationship between wetland development and
coastal flooding. 

Sam Brody
is an assistant professor of Environmental Planning in the
Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning
Texas A&M University.

Summer 2003 Workshop photos in Woods Hole
Pictures from this summer's workshop (16 pictures)

New hazard mitigation plan for Taipei
Ray Burby is presenting one of two keynote addresses to a conference
in Taipei on May 1st (2003) to unveil a new hazard mitigation plan for the city.

The Huebner Foundation and the Geneva Association Announce A New
Web site on Insurance Economics and Risk Management
December 10, 2002

The S. S. Huebner Foundation at the University of
Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and the Geneva Association (Geneva,
Switzerland) today launched an ambitious new website. The site will provide
an international resource and clearinghouse for educators and researchers in
the fields of insurance economics and risk management.

The information available on the site is expected to improve the quality of
research and education in both the academic community and the insurance
and risk management industries.

Until the development of this site, there existed no single source where
educators could find information on the insurance and risk management
courses offered in universities around the world. The availability of this
information is expected to facilitate the rapid dissemination of new and
innovative course designs and teaching materials, improving the quality of
insurance and risk management education world-wide.

Among the information exchanged on the site are course syllabi, lectures by
leading faculty, and case studies on insurance and risk management. This
information will enable college faculty to "prepare smarter" for their classes,
producing higher quality lectures without devoting additional time to class
preparation. www.huebnergeneva.org