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William Anderson is associate executive director in the Division on Earth and Life
Studies, and director of the Natural Disasters Roundtable at the National Academies/
National Research Council. From June 1999 to June 2001, he served as senior advisor
in the Disaster Management Facility at the World Bank while on leave from the National
Science Foundation (NSF). For more than twenty years, he held various positions at
NSF, including program director, section head, and acting division director. While at
NSF, he was responsible for developing multidisciplinary natural hazards research
programs and providing oversight for such large-scale research activities as the NSF-
funded earthquake engineering research centers and the cooperative program on wind

During his career with the federal government, Anderson also held concurrent
assignments with other agencies, including the Office of Science and Technology
Policy in the Executive Office of the President and in the Department of State. Prior
to his appointment at NSF, Anderson was associate professor to full professor of
sociology at Arizona State University. He received his Ph.D. from Ohio State University.
He also taught at Ohio State and was field director at the university's Disaster Research
Center where he directed teams conducting research on the impacts of natural and
technological disasters in the U.S. and overseas. He is the co-author of two books,
and author and co-author of numerous research monographs, reports and articles.

Curriculum Vitae

Some recent publications include:

"Future Directions," William A. Anderson and Shirley Mattingly, in Emergency
Management: Principles and Practice for Local Government
, Thomas E.
Drabek and Gerard J. Hoetmer, eds. Washington, DC: International City
Management Association, 1991: 311-335

"On the Underserved in Natural Disaster Reduction," William Anderson, in Elements of
, Susan Joy Hassol and John Katzenberger, eds. Aspen, Colorado: Aspen
Global Change Institute, 1996: 36

"The NSF Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Research Program," S.C. Liu, W. Anderson,
C. Astill and L. Weber. Earthquake Spectra, August 1998, 14, 3: 433-440

"A History of Social Science Earthquake Research: From Alaska to Kobe,"
William A. Anderson, in Past, Present and Future Issues in Earthquake Engineering:
Proceedings of the 50th Anniversary of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute.
Oakland, California: Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, 1998: 29-33

"Women and Children Facing Disaster," William A. Anderson, in Managing Disaster
Risk in Emerging Economies
, Alcira Kreimer and Margaret Arnold, eds.
Washington, DC: The World Bank, 2000: 85-90

William A. Anderson

National Academies
National Research Council
Washington, DC

Associate Executive Director
Division on Earth and Life Studies

phone: (202) 334-1523
fax: (202) 334-3362
email: wanderson@nas.edu