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Robert D. Ridge, PhD, is an Associate Professor, Associate Chair, and Graduate
Coordinator in the Department of Psychology at Brigham Young University. He received
his PhD in psychology from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in social
psychology and a supporting program in statistics and research methodology. He
teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in basic and applied social psychology,
research methodology, and ethics. His research focuses on interpersonal processes
that contribute to sexual harassment, social psychological approaches to promoting
mitigation and preparedness for natural hazards, and the psychology of law.

Curriculum Vitae

List of Publications:
Ridge, R. D., & Reber, J. S. (2002). I think she's attracted to me: The effect of men's
beliefs on women's behavior in a job interview scenario. Basic and Applied Social
, 24, 1-14.

Ridge, R. D. (2000, Summer). Focus groups: An emerging trend in jury consultant use.
Utah Trial Journal, 15-17.

Ridge, R. D. (2000). Targeting egoistic motivations: A functional strategy for recruiting
volunteers. Contemporary Social Psychology, 19, 12-23.

Clary, E. G., Snyder, M., Ridge, R. D., Copeland, J., Stukas, A. A., Haugen, J. A., &
Miene, P. K. (1998). Understanding and assessing the motivations of volunteers: A
functional approach. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 74, 1516-1530.

Clary, E. G., Snyder, M., Ridge, R. D., Miene, P. K., & Haugen, J. A. (1994). Matching
messages to motives in persuasion: A functional approach to promoting volunteerism.
Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 24, 1129-1149.

Clary, E. G., Snyder, M., & Ridge, R. (1992). Volunteers' motivations: A functional
strategy for the recruitment, placement, and retention of volunteers. Nonprofit
Management & Leadership
, 2, 333-350.

Fine, T., Pincus, H. A., Ridge, R., James, J.F., Gregory, D., & Ennis, J. (1988). Models
of state funding for mental health research. Hospital and Community Psychiatry, 40,

Ridge, R., Pincus, H. A., Blalock, R., & Fine, T. (1988). Factors that influence state
funding for mental health research. Hospital and Community Psychiatry, 40, 377-382.

Manuscripts Submitted for Publication:
Reber, J. S., & Ridge, R. D. (2002). Perceiving sexual harassment: The influence of
covariation information, relationship variables, and methodological strategy on women's
reports. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Ridge, R. D. (2002). Behavioral confirmation as an origin of sexual harassment.
Manuscript submitted for publication.

Robert D. Ridge

Brigham Young University

Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Department of Psychology

phone: (801) 422-7867
fax: (801) 422-0602
email: robert_ridge@byu.edu